"Property is our business"

Who we are

Ivory is an independent, privately-owned property company with a talent for delivering challenging schemes. The company was formed to apply an innovative approach to development and financing of property in London and the South East of England.


Leading with an experienced team, working hand in hand with the country’s best consultants to deliver exceptional commercial and residential schemes. We strive to be innovative and adaptable in the design of our buildings and the solutions required to secure best value.


We have an innovative attitude which enables us to deliver first class projects and our attention to detail means nothing is left to chance. 


What we do


With the rise in demand from leisure and business travel interest in the hotel sector remains robust.


We are looking for partners who share our goals. We work on specifying project objectives, design, planning, producing viability studies all the way through to project delivery.


We are always seeking to identify new projects where we can add value and use our expertise from inception to practical completion.


We focus on developments from 10 to 300 units. We are passionate about design and quality of construction and in particular the finishes. We start every single home with a blank sheet of paper. We don’t have house types as each home is designed to fit the land and surrounding area profile.


Some sites already have a planning history and when this is the case we love to take a site with a poor planning history and find a solution to unlock the best scheme. Alternatively, if an outline consent has been granted we always look to significantly improve and rework the permission to all parties’ benefit.


All our homes are finished to a high standard, including contemporary kitchens and bathrooms, high-tech fittings and state of the art controls.


This very specialist market sector has individual facility requirements each coming with its own range of challenges; whether primary care, specialist clinics, dental or laboratories. We will always work to find an innovative solution to meet your particular needs.


Healthcare architects, engineers and planning consultants all play a part in satisfying clients’ requirements. We take care of site finding and initial feasibility work to cost control and construction management.

Social Housing


It’s All in the Details

There is no doubt that the need for social housing is urgent with the UK facing its biggest shortfall on record. We partner with Registered Social Landlords and work closely with Local Authorities to tackle the under supply of affordable homes.


We use our skills, identifying opportunities, carrying out detailed appraisals, managing the planning process and effecting a competitive construction solution to enable swift delivery.


Our goal is to provide homes to those in need of affordable housing of a quality and standard which is comparable with other tenures.

Warehouse and Storage

Demand is strongly outstripping supply primarily due to a shortage of logistics warehouse space throughout the country. E-commerce in the UK continues to grow in order to satisfy customer demand, with no sign of slow down any time soon.


Whether the requirement is grade A warehousing or warehousing with an office element together with the individual parking requirement and HGV access. We are always looking to unlock the value in underutilised brownfield land.

The single most important consideration is always the geographical positioning of the development and one we never forget.


We never want to build ordinary offices. We want to create vibrant workspaces that cater for established companies, new start-ups and entrepreneurs alike.


Office developments need to include state of the art smart buildings and ultra-modern designs. At the heart of each design is the most viable form of sustainable construction together with energy management.


Each building design requires a high level of expertise as each site comes with its own unique challenges. We have a team of experts behind us that can deliver to exacting standards.

Student and Education


It’s All in the Details

There is an increase in applications to attend higher education this is coming from both domestic students and those from overseas creating a strong demand for student accommodation and larger institutional premises.


We offer property solutions for higher education establishments and student accommodation alike. Our developments are tailor-made to fit with the specific objectives of each college or university.



We help investors and businesses across the UK bring their ideas to reality. Since 2013, we’ve taken on a variety of projects and turned them from initial ideas into reality. No matter what the scope, we always stay engaged in all aspects of the development process from conception to implementation. Ivory offers a comprehensive development service including all matters necessary to give initial appraisals, achieve necessary consents and to construct and complete developments.


We work closely in partnership with our established contractors using innovative state-of-the-art construction techniques. This, together with our experienced team of engineers, architects and specialist consultants enables us to add value to any project.


Whatever sector we are working in our aim is to always add value through our technical knowledge, skills and experience.


This leads to efficient delivery of well-executed designs and buildings that sit well within their environment for years to come.


We are a responsible developer, ensuring sustainability from land acquisition, design and construction, to delivery of homes and working spaces for all our clients.

We continue to target regeneration of disused or tired sites, helping to enhance the local community and environment alike.

Our developments are energy efficient and we make sure we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint always being aware of reusable energy, travel of materials and waste and recycling during construction.

Joint ventures

We are happy to work with our partners adapting and developing funding strategies to suit most property development situations. Our business model thrives on being open to new arrangements to facilitate exciting developments being brought forward to successful completion.


Our experience and expertise lie in utilising our own resources to develop joint ventures with both land owners and private equity funding partners which enable us to structure deals to maximise returns.


We are always willing to considering any funding options, be it with prospective funders, investors and land owners alike.


Contact us

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